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Monday - Workout Calve, B, Lbi, Cardio

Posted on 27 February, 2017 at 13:05 Comments comments (21229)

My rotation from Fitness By Greg chapter 10, page 13

Monday - Workout Calve, B, Lbi, Cardio (Calves, Back, Leg Biceps and Cardio Vascular)


Workout My 'Calve' (for example) -

Leaning against my kitchen counter, with my back to it, feet flat on the floor two feet away from the cabinet and spread one foot apart, I flex my calve muscles individually and then simultaneously, almost like I am trying to lift my body up with those muscles but can't quite do it. I flex them with great intensity, hold the flex and feel my calves stress and expand. I then try to flex even harder before relaxing them.     Then, I do it again, relax, then again, each time attempting to flex harder than the previous repetitions.  For variety, I move my feet to different floor positions for different stress affects on the muscle fibers. Remember to do it with increasing intensity, all the way to exhaustion of those muscle fibers.   Now, let's talk about the front of the calve area of the leg. Yes, there are muscles by your shin, and they need love, too.  So, here's what you can do. Turn around and face the same counter about the same distance away from it as you were. You may want to place your hands on the countertop for balance and stability.   Keeping it flat on the floor, slide one foot forward until your big toe touches the cabinet bottom. You'll notice your foot is slightly concealed from your view downward, because the construction of the counter should have included "toe space" of about four inches.  This toe room exists so that you're usually comfortable working at the counter in a standing position.  Now however, it will provide resistance for calve workouts.   Here's how. 

Keeping my heel down on the floor, I gently raise my toes to the underside of this toe space and press upward like I am trying to lift the entire counter off the floor.  Slowly flexing with as much intensity as I have to give it I feel the muscles eventually tire. Then, I switch to the other foot and do the same movement.  Alternating gives one shin area time to rest while I work the other, until I have exhausted both. 


Posted on 26 February, 2017 at 11:40 Comments comments (3772)

   My best stress outlets for any of my eight muscle groups are when PUSHing against stable, permanent objects while mentally focussing on the target muscle group at hand.  

   For example, today I leaned back on the (first the third, then the second) stairway tread with both arms and hands, in balance, and concentrated on my shoulders (deltoids).   Once in position, I slowly PUSHed up while intensely flexing those muscles, then holding that position for a few seconds until I felt them tremble.   I stopped for a few seconds to rest, and then did it again.

   Then, I switched stair treads to feel a slightly different muscle fiber stress, and repeated the PUSH stress/rest cycle until the trembling started again.

   What a great feeling!

It's Sunday - Today, my workout is...

Posted on 26 February, 2017 at 10:45 Comments comments (18247)

Today, my workout session isolates Quad, C&S, Glute, and A with intense resistance.   It feels good to flex and stress these muscle groups individually and in combination.

My thighs, chest and shoulders, butt, arms are stressed to exhaustion, using the kitchen counter, stairway, doorway and weights (.  Gravity is great for these positions, movements and flexations!

(I also planned next week's workout schedule.)

Isolation Is Key To Muscle Stress

Posted on 26 November, 2016 at 0:10 Comments comments (14581)

Focus on the muscle group you are working on by concentrating all your energy and effort towards maximum contraction.   Flexing and stretching the muscle fibers calls for mind/body coordination.   Sometimes I periodically close my eyes while working an area (shoulders, for example) out, so that I feel the muscle fibers slowly strengthening without any other mental distraction.   It works.

"I can't seem to find the time to workout."

Posted on 25 November, 2016 at 6:00 Comments comments (38430)

Working out is not something you do when you have time.   You always have the time when you make it a priority.